I am on the program committees of TTCS 2015 and WS-FM/BEAT 2015.

I have been on the organisation committee of: DMCD 2010Workshop on Formal Methods in Industry, MDSE PhD meeting. I also organized the monthly postdoc and assistant professor meeting of the CS department at the VU (together with Sanne Abeln and Tibor Bosse).

I have attended the Summer School Marktoberdorf 2011 on Tools for Analysis and Verification of Software Safety and Security.

I have attended the following conferences: FSEN 2015, ATVA 2014, ICT/Open 2012, ICTAC 2012, AVoCS 2012, DMCD 2012, NVTI theory day 2012, ICT/Open 2011, DMCD 2011, NVTI theory day 2011, DMCD 2010, TBFM 2010, HVC 2009, CONCUR 2009, SOS 2009, DMCD 2009

I am a member of the IPA research school, and attended the following of its events: IPA fall days / ICT Open 2012, IPA spring days 2012, IPA fall days / ICT Open 2011, IPA advanced course Algorithms and Complexity, July 2011, IPA spring days 2011, IPA fall days / SIREN/NL 2010, IPA spring days 2010, IPA basic course on Model Checking 2009, IPA fall days 2009