Jeroen J.A. Keiren

Picture of Jeroen Keiren

I am an assistant professor in the Formal System Analysis group of the Model Driven Software Engineering section of the computer science department at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

My research interests are formal methods and software engineering. In general I am interested in techniques that help us develop better and safer software.

Academic history

Previously, I was assistant professor (universitair docent) in computer science at the faculty of Management, Science & Technology at the Open University, visiting researcher in the Digital Security group at the premises of the Radboud University and assistant professor (1 day/week) in the Embedded Software group at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EWI) at TU Delft.

Prior to that, I was a post doctoral researcher in the theoretical computer science group at the VU University Amsterdam and visiting lecturer of System Validation at TU Delft. I obtained my PhD in the Formal System Analysis group at Eindhoven University of Technology on a dissertation titled Advanced Reduction Techniques for Model Checking.


I like teaching others about software engineering and software verification techniques. I have been involved in teaching courses on system validation, operating systems, communication technology, computer networks, formal languages & automata, functional programming and the fundamentals of computer systems, as well as automata theory and complexity.

Other activities

In my free time I like ballroom dancing, in which I participate in national and international competitions.