A MOOC on system validation is born

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Exciting news! Today the MOOC on system validation that I have developed with Mohammad Reza Mousavi from Halmstad University has started. The MOOC is based on the book Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems, which was coauthored by Mohammad, and on which my\ System Validation course at TU Delft is also based.

About the course

Anyone who has ever designed an embedded system or a communication protocol involving several components executing simultaneously knows that such software is inherently susceptible to bugs. Typical problems include race conditions, deadlocks, and unexpected interplay between different components. The parallel nature of these systems makes it notoriously hard to detect such bugs using testing (timing, e.g., plays a crucial role). This course is designed to provide an introduction to the problems that arise in the design of such systems. It provides ways to model such systems and reason about them.

The course has been in the making for some time, and I reported on the experiences in setting it up here.