Software Specification 2IX20


Welcome to the VirtualBox image of the Software Specification course. This virtual box image contains all the necessary software you need for the final assignment.


The UPPAAL icon

Your taskbar is on the left. In it, you will find the UPPAAL icon. To start UPPAAL simply click it.


The terminal icon

UPPAAL-TRON is a model-based testing tool used to test Java implementations of the elevator controller against your UPPAAL models. UPPAAL-TRON is directly available in a terminal by typing the command "tron".

Initial files for the assignments

Directory 'home/svv/svv/assignments' contains files needed for the third assignment. This directory contains subdirectory 'LiftRealistic'. This subdirectory contains the implementations you need to test.


If you have problems, please do not hesitate to contact the course teacher.